Things a New Home Owner Should Do When Moving to a House

Things a New Home Owner Should Do When Moving to a House

Moving to a new home in Australia needs to be well planned. Besides doing the packing and making sure everything from your old house fits the new one, you should check on the status of the new house.

As a first-time homeowner, the first place to look at is your living room. Most homes have an already pre-installed split system air conditioning. Once you visit the house, check if the system is fully functional and arrange for repair or replacement if need be.

The kitchen should be your next point. If there are kitchen appliances available such as coffee makers, microwaves, fridge among others, check on their status. For example, if you spot some worn out wire cords on your microwave, have the cable fixed with a new one.

Go ahead and test the taps in the house, both indoors and outdoors. Depending on the kind available, look if there are any rust parts or leaking basin and ask for them to be replaced. This goes to the next point to look at which is hot water systems. Like the air conditioning, some homes have this already added. Look for any leaking points at the hot water system and make sure the tempering valve is in good shape.

For your outdoor upkeep, check for the available irrigation system. For the grass to be adequately watered, the sprinkler should be free of any clogging matter. Test the irrigation equipment for its efficiency.

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