2 Responses to “Bukti Video Saiful Bukhari Sumpah Laknat Di Mekah Palsu”

  1. Muslim Adil says:

    Palsu ke tak palsu, itu bukan masalahnya.
    Islam is a religion that is fair and with guidance.

    A person is fairly judge according to Islamic rules.
    Witness and Evidence decide if a person is guilty or otherwise.

    You just don’t go around main-2 with sumpah just to prove your point, and especially in Tanah Suci.

    What Saiful did, not only is he tarnishing the good name of Islam and the Sacred land, he’s binging shame to all muslim as well.

    May ALLAH has mercy on his soul.

    • Nadee says:

      I agree with you, sir.

      We need Allah’s law to be implement. If not, makin ramailah orang macam ni. Akhir zaman.

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